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I just want to say, that even though a lot of bloggers say shit like “we’re better than facebook/twitter/etc” and laugh when you posts like “if you like this picture, Facebook will give a million dollars to poor kids on Africa”, now that yahoo is trying to make a deal with the owner of tumblr for MILLIONS of dollars, you are all like:

"GUYS, IF WE GET 5,000,000 signs, this won’t happen"

Do you seriously believe that a few million signs will make the owner of this platform go
"Jesus, I really shouldn’t sell this and become a fucking millionaire, thanks tumblr! you made me realize my mistake!".

As much as we don’t want to see this platform ruined, we can’t do shit about it.

If by a miracle the owner admits that he won’t sell because 5,000,000 people signed, then I’ll take my words back.

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    Then the people responsible for it will be the users. Now that Yahoo! bought tumblr, some people will leave because “the...
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    the thing is, though, a lot of people are seriously considering abandoning tumblr if yahoo buys it which isn’t something...
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